Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog 4

I read the article "Fisheries Depletion" by Jean-Francoise Rischard. I extremely enjoyed reading this and got a lot out of it.

I learned that:
"With the population increase and higher standards of living, demand will increase substantially. Fishing is central to the livelihoods and food security of many communities, indeed entire countries and regions. The international trade in fish and fish products is valued about $50 billion a year."

By the year 2050 almost every single fish or mam
mal living in the ocean will be dead.

Huge nets are being used and fish are being wasted.

Fish are also being genetically influenced so that larger fish with more meat on them will be created.

Many other concepts were taken into place with the reading of this article.

This article was extremely important and helpful in my work.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Process Journal

After finishing my project, I am happy to say that I worked well, got a lot done, an feel that my information is extremely useful and helps explain concept of Fisheries Depletion in a new way. I made a brochure, many Blog entries, an I-Web, a VoiceThread, an Animoto and many other forms of work.

My Brochure has two pages, the First looks like this:
The Second page looks like this:

This brochure tells a huge amount of information on Fisheries Depletion. It was not hard to make, but it was hard to find good information to put on it.

My i-Web has many pages. These can be found on my recent post or "I-Web Screen shots.

My Voicethread took a long time to make because of the recording. The problem here is that the class is normally loud, so I had to yell for the voice to be heard. I hope you can hear it.

My animoto took almost no time, except the fact that good pictures were very hard to find. I hope you like it.

These concepts were not always easy to make, I hope you like it as much as I liked making it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

iWeb Screen Shots

This is our "Welcome" Page:

Below is our "About my Project" page:

This is our "Graphs/ Statistics" Page:

Below is our "Pictures" Page:

This is our "Videos" page:

This is our "Issues" page:

This is our Bibliography:

Monday, April 27, 2009


Fisheries Depletion

Fisheries Depletion is the concept of fish dying due to humans interfering with the sea and rivers. Some types of fish are going extinct due to this concept like cod fish. Whales are dying daily. Ecosystems are being broken every hour. Pollution and global warming are major issues.

Whaling is part of this issue. Whaling is when people catch whales and kill them with the excuse of something like "whales eat so much out of the ocean, so if too many whale populations live, fish will not and humans will have no supply of fish". This is incorrect due to the fact that whales eat plankton and small fish. Even if whales ate so much, we have no right to kill them and this is affecting the amount of whales left on earth. Fisheries Depletion is once again blamed.

Fishing is a main source of food and life for over 200, 000 people on earth. Overfishing is what these people may use to satisfy themselves for a couple of days at the most but when the fish are all gone these people will not survive. Overfishing is when people kill and catch fish at a large rate so that they can be paid for catching so many fish, but at the rate which we are going at, all the fish will die and we will have a massive crisis. At this rate by the year 2048 all edible fish will be gone. 29 percent of fish are at a "collapse" rate which means that the fish population for a species have gone down by 90 percent. 7 percent of the fish population have already extinct. Approximately 70-80 billion dollars are made from fisheries in total.

Remember, when one species is gone, the entire ecosystem is affected badly and can die completely. If fish die out, those who eat the fish will die and what the fish eat prosper and grow , then these plants take up may minerals and natural products. This causes the products to be completely gone, and human's can also be badly affected. So it is your choice, temporary or long-term health. It is up to you.

Pollution is also playing a huge part in Fisheries Depletion. Pollution causes the sea to be dirty which makes breathing for the fish more difficult. Small fish and bottle-nose dolphins get caught in six pack plastic cover. Many fish die due to explosion, pollution and the simple laziness of our kind. Global warming and habitat loss affects the Fisheries Depletion concept because some fish cannot live in certain heats and need a home.

These are some things to think about:

1.) If we keep going in the same direction, humans will have no sea-food and the fish will be completely gone. This can cause another world hunger issue.

2.) We need to feel guilty for eating certain types of fish, or else the problem will never be solved.

3.) The issue can be fixed, but it is on of those things that you need to begin doing to finish it, we must start as soon as possible so that no more species will go extinct.

4.) Some fishermen cast big nets causing 50% of fish to be fully-exploited, 20% to be over exploited, and a lot of the rest are exploited in a manor which is self-destructive.

5.) A huge problem is that the issue has gone all around the world in main areas like Asia.

6.) If fish catching is banned in one place for a couple of years, the entire world fish supply will be increased in an amazing way.

Questions and Answers

1.) How can we help to return the fish supply to how it is?
Just by not eating rare fish. If you can do more like try to help the government to acknowledge the situation better than do that. Try to do anything to save the fish, because if you don't, there will be no fish at all.

2.) What are some type of fish which are endangered?
Some are: Sturgeon, Paddle fish, shad, silver shark, redfin, carp, and many others. Sharks, whales, lobster, and other fish/ mammals of the sea are extinct or endangered.

3.) How many people depend on fish?
1 out of every 5 people. So if the fish all die, these millions of people will be in big trouble.

4.) What causes Fisheries Depletion?
Overfishing is a main reason, Global Warming affects it, killing endangered species, huge nets, and other factors.

5.) How many fish are dying?
Almost all of them.

In conclusion, Fisheries Depletion is an important issue, I hope that you will take something out of this and try to chnge something, because at this ate every single fish in the world will dye. We need to do something, united we stand, alone we fall.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog 3

Sharing our planet: Issues involving the global commons

1. Global warming/Climate Change

2. Biodiversity and ecosystem losses

3. Fisheries depletion

4. Deforestation

5. Water deficits

6. The Oceans - Maritime safety and pollution

Sharing our humanity: Issues requiring a global commitment

7. Poverty - Massive step-up in the fight against poverty

8. Conflict Resolution - Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism

9. Education - Education for all

10. Diseases - Global infectious diseases

11. Digital Divide

12. Natural Disaster prevention and mitigation

1.) Global Warming- It is the increase of the Earth's average temperature.

2.)Biodiversity and ecosystem losses- It is the amount of plant life and overall life in ecosystems and the world. As well as trying to save them.

3.) Fisheries depletion- It is the dying of fish due to humans explosions and fishing. Therefore they are becoming extinct.

4.)Deforestation- Is when people burn down forests or cut them down for uses. It kills forests and they are almost gone due to Deforestation. This causes animals to die because they have no homes.

5.)Water Deficits- Is when the water is polluted.

6.)Maritime Safety and Pollution- Is to take care of the sea and how clean it is so that the creatures living in it can survive.

7.)Massive Step up in a fight against poverty.

8.)Peacekeeping- When countries want to keep peace amongst each other.

9.)Education For All- Is to allow everyone to learn even if they cannot afford it

10.)Global Infectious Disease- is when one disease wipes out a large amount of people.

11.) Digital Divide- is when we split people into two groups. One with a lot of technology and the other with not much.

12.) Natural Disaster Prevention- is when humans try to prevent disasters from happening to them.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog 2

Guided Research Questions for Investigation:

A. How can we use the Internet (www) to communicate and problem-solve global issues and the environment that are impacting our world today to a wider audience? How can we make a difference?

B. How can I make use of established and emerging WWW tools to support online publication?
C. What are the best tools to use for effective communication online?
D. How can the Internet be used to help a community solve an environmental issue?

WWW tools are very helpful. They can easily make our life easier and we should use them to our full extent. We can use them by downloading and buying them so that we keep ourselves safe online but still having fun.

Some of the most effective tools are above. Some are firefox and other web browsers and others are simple applications.

The internet can teach children, people can discuss environmental issues and other issues to our use to solve many problems.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog 1


These steps, when used together are called the design cycle.

Find out what you are doing, search.

Start knowing what you want to do, plan about what it will do and how it will look.

Start to design it and draw or sketch exactly what it will look like. Design it to what you need.

Make the design.

Look over your work.