Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog 4

I read the article "Fisheries Depletion" by Jean-Francoise Rischard. I extremely enjoyed reading this and got a lot out of it.

I learned that:
"With the population increase and higher standards of living, demand will increase substantially. Fishing is central to the livelihoods and food security of many communities, indeed entire countries and regions. The international trade in fish and fish products is valued about $50 billion a year."

By the year 2050 almost every single fish or mam
mal living in the ocean will be dead.

Huge nets are being used and fish are being wasted.

Fish are also being genetically influenced so that larger fish with more meat on them will be created.

Many other concepts were taken into place with the reading of this article.

This article was extremely important and helpful in my work.

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